Sykes Cottages 2017: Working for Hurricane Media as Camera/Lighting Assistant for holiday home promotional video. Working with Sony F5 and Cine prime lenses.

Triodos Bank 2017: Shooting on location at various clients of Triodos including Better Foods and Emmaus. Job involved some degree of liaising and directing of employees of the client and also general public. I was also involved in creating rough cuts in post. Shot on Sony FS7 and editing in Premiere Pro.

Parkdean Holidays 2017: Working for Steady Hawk operating the camera on DJI Inspire drone shooting aerials at various caravan holiday parks in the south west.

Marine Conservation Society 2017: Working for Five Films filming seals on beach in Norfolk. Shot on Sony FS7 using long lenses and Cine Slider.

Play Inspection Company 2017: Shooting and camera assisting for Lakes Creative including light setup for interview.

Sarah Class "I Will Fight" 2017: Music video starring Sarah Class. The video also features David Attenborough and promotes the environmental work done by World Land Trust. Shot on Sony FS7, Canon lenses and Cine Slider.

Golden Oldies Rugby Festival 2016: Working as the camera / payload operator on a DJI Inspire drone to capture aerial footage of the event, including shots of people participating in breaking the world record for the worlds largest rugby scrum.

'Puppy Secrets' 2016: Working on a documentary for Plimsoll Productions I spent the day gimbal operating the camera on a DJI Inspire. Filming both GV's as well as more dynamic shots following a truck and  sheep herding.

'Soundwaves' 2016: Night shoot working on a 2 part BBC documentary on the science of sound starring presenter Helen Czerski. As well usual camera assisting duties I also gimbal operated for some aerial shots on the DJI Inspire, and also filmed B-roll with Sony A7S. Main cam Sony F55

Oasis Dental Care 2016: Working as camera operator for Skylark Media I shot interviews and B-roll at one of Oasis's dental practice. Working to a very tight schedule I shot shot, lit and recorded sound for an internal Oasis video. Shot with Canon C100.

Curo Staff Event 2016: Filming company staff event with picture fed back to vision mixer for broadcast on projector during the event.

eHealth Learning 2016: Filming a healthy living talk as part of a webseminar. Canon 60D

'Elmira' 2016: Short film produced for Christian satellite channel Sat7. I worked as a camera assistant helping setup Ronin and also focus pulling using a remote follow focus system. Shot on Blackmagic Ursa Mini.

Grayson Perry 2016: Employed by Status AV to film a live presentation by artist Grayson Perry on modern artworks. Camera was output to large TV's so audience at back could see Grayson clearly.

The Bastard Executioner 2015: Camera Trainee on Dailies for TV drama working at Dragon Studios in Wales. Assisting 2nd AC's and camera department. Shooting on Red Epics.

CBBC Ice Stars 2015: Shooting Researcher for a few days on 10 part kids documentary series. Shooting live action and interviews. Canon XF305. Drummer TV.

Health Hub 2015: Lighting Cameraman for crowdfunding campaign video. Lighting interviews and shooting B-roll at the Bristol Health Hub. Buttered Media. Watch Here

Southfield House 2015: Camera Operator for house showcase video for new up-market property in Exeter. Filmed on Blackmagic 4K Production Camera and Canon 60D for Flycam shots. Buttered Media. Watch Here

FundSurfer 2015: Lighting Cameraman for multiple 'Presenter to Camera' style videos to explain how the Fundsurfer website works. Canon C300 & Bi-colour LED panels. Buttered Media. Watch Here

Sebastian Blakeley Luxury Furniture 2015: DOP for 4 part documentary on the work of Sebastian Blakeley, and individual showcase videos for each of his handmade chair designs. Filmed on Blackmagic Ursa & 4K Production Camera in various locations on the coast of cornwall. Buttered Media. Watch Here

High Banks 2015: Camera Operator for house showcase video for new up-market property in Teignmouth. Filmed on Blackmagic 4K Production Camera and Canon 60D for Flycam shots. Buttered Media. Watch Here

VAX Vacuum Cleaners 2015: Clapper Loader for big budget commercial. Working with 2 x Red Epics & Arri Ultra Primes. Also, rigging of B cam on Movi. Aspect Film and Video.

Aspen Interviews 2015: Camera Assistant for the setup and filming of interviews with a very short prep time to setup lights and cameras. 2 x Sony FS700. Aspect Film and Video.

Independence Threats 2015: Camera Assistant for 2 camera operators on dramatised corporate video. 2 x Sony FS700. Aspect Film and Video.

Emper Feature Film 2014: Worked for a few days on a low budget feature film as a Spark based in one of Aardman Animations studios. Working with multiple lights ranging from a 5K, multiple 2K's, 650's, Kino's, Dedo's. Also had to operate these from a computer desk where I could also adjust them on a dimmer.

Young Hidden Homeless 2014: Transcoding and preparing the footage in Avid for the BBC 3 documentary I also worked on as Main Camera Operator on earlier in the year.

Karndean Flooring 2014: Working for Aspect Film & Video I was employed as a camera assistant to help shoot corporate videos for Karndean to promote the various flooring ranges they offer. The shoot was all studio based and used a wide variety of Aspects equipment such as the Movi, jib, track & dolly and a slider. Shooting on Red Epic I rigged the cameras, changed batteries and mags as well worked to rig and manoeuvre the various pieces of grip equipment. 

Corporate Video 2014: Working for Aspect Film & Video I was employed as Jib Operator and Camera Assistant. Primarily I was responsible for the assembly and deconstruction of the jib which was needed for the final shot of the video. I had to work quickly and to a tight deadline to make sure the jib was setup by the time the Director wanted to shoot the shot. When I wasn't working with the jib I also stepped in with camera assisting when need. Shot on Red Epic.

Zero To Hero Boxing 2014: Multicam shoot working with a Canon XF305 and a Canon 5D, I worked as part of a small team shooting a live boxing fight night.

Kids In The Wild 2014: Working as Minicam Operator & Rigger I was responsible for the setup and operation of multiple GoPro Hero 3's on the production of a pilot for a potential series to be produced by Tigress Productions. The concept is to encourage kids back into nature. I had to rig a couple of cameras on the kids as well as hiding the others within the environment of the location we were shooting.

Young Hidden Homeless 2014: Main Camera Operator for BBC 3 observational documentary to be aired early 2015. Working closely with the Director we spent 3 months working in the south west searching for people living homeless in unique and interesting ways. From young lads living under a city bridge, to a man walking his way up the country with only his backpack and a tent.

Countrywide Signs 2014: Working for The Video Marketing Company I shot both video and photos for Countrywide Signs as part of their new website. Shot with Canon 5D.

Skills For Health 2014: Camera Operator shooting online corporate video with interviews for Skills For Health.

Samsung 2014: Camera Assistant working on Samsung Galaxy S5 online viral video. Working for Aspect Film & Video assisting the B cam operator.

Planview 2014: A second conference, this time filming at The Landmark Hotel. Shot with Sony FS700 and Canon 5D.

Planview 2014: Working independently for The Video Marketing Company, I shot both video and photos at the conference in London. Shot with Sony FS700 and Canon 5D.

Samsung 2014: Camera Assistant for Samsung 'Dream The Blues" working with two operators shooting on Red Epics. Working outside across multiple junior sized football pitches.  As well as carrying out typical AC duties I was also responsible for the safe backup of rushes. 

Samsung 2014: Worked as part of the production team for Aspect Film & Video viral video promoting Samsung Gear watch. Watch Here

Omniblend 2014: Promotional photos for website.

Horse Whispering Event 2014: Camera operating at UK's first competitive horse whispering event for promo video and for potential use on the Horse & Country TV channel.

Intel Processors 2014: Camera operating on Sony EX3 at Intels in house video production studio.

"Fear The Workplace" Short 2014: Clapper Loader and occasionally focus pulling. Working with Red Epic.

"Gran Theft Ortho" Feature Trailer 2014: Worked as Camera Trainee shooting with Sony F55 and Zeiss Cine Primes.

"Till That Day" Music Video 2014: 2nd Assistant Camera working with Arri Alexa and Cooke lenses.

BBC "Permission Impossible" 2014: Daily working as Camera Assistant / Jib Assistant setting up Panther Mini Jib and using Sony PMW 500 with Hot Head.

"Horizon" 2014: Worked on 3 episodes for a 10 part web series launching later this year. Worked as both 1st and 2nd AC shooting on Canon C300.

"The Hatching" Feature 2013: Camera Trainee working with DOP Gerry Vasbenter. Working with the camera team I assisted the AC's when using a single camera setup, and also worked as Clapper Loader for B cam when required. Shot with Red Epic and Red One. Film Website

"Challenge For Change" 2013: Employed by 90 Seconds TV to direct, shoot and edit a case study for Challenge For Change. A company trying to encourage people to cycle to their place of work.

"Silent Rooms" Short 2013: Camera Assistant working with Sony F3. Working as Clapper Loader charging batteries and changing memory cards. Also did one day as Focus Puller.

BBC "Kim Philby - His Most Intimate Betrayal" 2013: Worked as a Spark on this Docu-drama about the story of a spy named Kim Philby who betrays his friend.

Omniblend Promo 2013: Filmed and edited promotional video for the JTC Omniblend.Watch Here

Channel 4 "New Worlds" 2013: Camera Trainee on new 4x60min part Drama supporting the camera crew using Arri Alexas.

"Visit Wales" Commercial 2013: Camera Assistant & Operator for Rogue Films shooting Dolphins in Wales. Working with Sony F55 and a Polecam.

"Strong Heart" short film 2013: Worked on location as a DIT responsible for backing up both 4K and HD footage from a Sony F55. The film starred Terry Coldwell from popular 90's boy band East 17.

CBBC "My Life" Productions 2013: Working on numerous CBBC projects as an Edit Assistant preparing footage for the Editor in Final Cut Pro.

Kitchen Gadgets Promo Videos 2013: Directed, filmed and edited a collection of videos for G3 Direct. Watch Here

CBBC "My Life" Production 2013: Camera Assistant, also responsible for setting up Go Pro camera rigs.

Physiotherapy Educational video 2013: 3rd Cameraman for Birmingham University educational video.

Nationwide Building Society 2013: Online viral video for Nationwide working as a Runner.

Pet Plan Insurance 2013: Camera Assistant for pet insurance video, working both in studio and on location.

Paw Seasons Luxury Breaks for Dogs 2013: Cameraman for summer promotional video for website. Watch Here

Jaro Commercial 2013: Focus Pulling on the Sony F55 working for Rubber Republic. 

Music Video 2013: Camera Assistant for Pop music video shooting on the Canon C300.Watch Here

Cabot Circus 48 Hour Fashion Fix 2013: Helped film the event as Camera Assistant for Bristol Film & Media. Watch Here 

DAS Insurance Corporate 2013: Working for The Video Marketing Company filming interviews on the Canon 5D.

CBBC "My Life" Production 2013: Working for the BBC as Camera/Location Assistant shooting in Ireland. As well as working as a CA I was also responsible for getting all Consent forms and Location forms signed.

Parkour Documentary 2013: Featuring a Bristol based Free Runner. Cameraman.

Totterdown Art Trail 2012: Photograghy for local event in community newspaper.

Community Resolve 2012: (Promotional video for the company) Editor.

Cancer Awareness Video 2012: (Short informational video providing parents with advice soon after their child has been diagnosed with cancer) Cameraman & Editor.Watch Here

Spaceboy 2012: (Short film shot with a RED Epic in a number of locations including Aardman studios) Camera Assist/Runner.

Brisfest 2012: (Filming bands and after show interviews) Cameraman.

Paris Buskers 2012: (Went to Paris to film street musicians for Cameraman.

The Search for Speed 2012: (Documentary) Featuring the famous Richard Noble & Andy Green in the build up to the latest Super Sonic Car speed record attempt. Cameraman. Watch Here

Hayling 2012: (Breakdance music video) Featuring UK B-Boy Champion Sunni Brummitt. Cameraman. Watch Here

Warhouse 2012: (Short) Cameraman

Shining Eyes 2012: (Short) Cameraman. Watch Here

Gwendolyn 2012: (Short) Cameraman

The Boy Next Door 2012: (Short) Cameraman

Aspect Film and Video 2011: (Online commercial for Microsoft MSN Messenger) Runner.

Wordley Productions 2011: (TV Commercial for Euronics) Runner.

Big Jeff: The Jeffrey Johns Story 2011: (Multi-platform Documentary) Cameraman and Editor. Received 11,000 hits in 3 days, As a result I was interviewed on a local Bristol radio station.

Mind The Gap 2011: (Short) Cameraman and Editor. Shot with Canon 7D

Aspect Film and Video 2010: (Online promotional video for Microsoft Internet Explorer) Runner.

Hanover Pictures 2010: (Promotional videos for Haulfryn Holiday Parks) Camera Assistant.

19 Steps 2010: (Stop motion music video Aired on ABC’s music program Rage) Cameraman and Model Animator.

Hunger 2010: (Short) Editor. Ranked by Kim Newman (Empire film magazine) in top 3 in Zombie Aid competition.

Heavenly Doritos 2010: (Advert) Script Writer, Cameraman, Lighting and Editor. Entered into Doritos King of Ads competition.

Twisted Love Song 2009: (Torpedoes music video) Production Assistant with Hanover Pictures at the Eyelights Studios.

Watch the links below for an idea of my work.