My training first began in 2008 when I attended a workshop in TV & Film production skills run by ITV. Whilst attending this workshop on a weekly basis for a couple of years I learnt a lot of the key principle skills of camera operating, and produced many short films in the time I attended, which helped progress my learning. Attending the workshop also gave me the opportunity to occasionally work as a runner in professional environments.

By 2009 I decided TV & Film production was the career path I wanted to pursue and so made the decision to study Media Practice at UWE, allowing me to further gain experience as a Camera Operator. At the end of the course I won the Best 'Camera Operator Award' for my work.

As of 2013 I have been working full time freelance, primarily as either a Camera Operator or camera Camera Assistant, depending on the project. My experience is broad and I have worked across a range of productions such as drama and documentary, to events and promotional videos. 

As well as enjoying the opportunity to work on my own projects, my main ambition lies in wildlife and factual documentary, not to mention my recent found joy in aerial filming.